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24 kg - 53 lb Metrixx® Elite Precision E-Coat Kettlebell

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24 kg - 53 lb Metrixx® Elite Precision E-Coat Kettlebell

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Sale Price $139.99

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Authentic Kettlebells USA® Military Grade Precision E-Coat Cast Iron Kettlebell

Metrixx Elite® Precision E-Coat Military Grade Cast Iron Kettlebells from Kettlebells USA® - Voted The Best Kettlebell for Home Fitness - Rated by Men's Health as one of the "10 Best Fitness Tools That Make Every Workout Better" - Free Shipping

Metrixx Elite® Precision E-Coat Military Grade Cast Iron Kettlebells

The Gold Standard in "Hard Style" Kettlebells

* Voted "The Best Kettlebell for Home Fitness" by Wirecutter Reviews

* Rated by Men's Health as one of the "10 Best Fitness Tools That Make Every Workout Better"

Metrixx® Elite Precision Military Grade E-Coat Cast Iron Kettlebells from Kettlebells USA® - The Real Military Grade Kettlebell - Free Shipping

What Makes Metrixx® Elite Kettlebells The #1 Choice of "Hardstyle" Kettlebell Instructors?


  • Engineered precision kettlebell manufactured under strict ISO 9001 quality control with advanced gravity die casting technology
  • Single cast from high grade, virgin cast iron with no seams, casting burrs, welded handles or rough spots
  • Single mold casting means each mold is only used once and then discarded, resulting in extreme precision and consistency
  • Improved military grade e-coating is much finer and smoother - much more durable than powder coat kettlebells
  • Proprietary handle design to prevent kettlebell from sitting on the wrist bones
  • To find the handle diameter please click on the "Additional Information" tab below
  • Machined flat bases for superior floor stability on floor exercises such as renegade rows & kettlebell push-ups
  • Stamped in kilograms and pounds
  • The choice of thousands of kettlebell instructors, pro sports teams, military operators & serious lifters
  • Premium quality at discount prices - considered the best value kettlebell on the market
  • Designed in the USA
  • Kettlebells USA® Satisfaction Guarantee



Precision Military Grade E-Coat Cast Iron Kettlebell by Kettlebells USA® - Free Shipping!

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brand Kettlebells USA®
Material Cast Iron
Coating E-Coat
Handle Thickness mm 38.00
Handle Thickness Inches 1.50

Customer Reviews 46 item(s)

Loving it
Damn good bells for a fair price
Review by Josh B. Autin - TX / (Posted on 6/20/2018)
Great seller
Great seller, fast shipping. Legit!!!
Review by Barry / (Posted on 6/20/2018)
Very happy I bought this bell
I needed a second 24 kg. bell for some doubles work, and couldn't be happier with this kettlebell. I am very impressed with the handle, finish and overall quality of the bell.
Review by Gordon / (Posted on 6/18/2018)
Highly recommended!
I received this bell almost two weeks ago and it is fantastic. Exactly what you would expect from USA Kettlebells. I especially like the E-coat, which gives enough grip, even through sweat to hold the bell and continue your workout. Highly recommended!
Review by Jason / (Posted on 6/18/2018)
24 KG Kettlebells
I bought 2 24 kg kettlebells from KBUSA and was extremely pleased. They came within a few days in a very secure package. The handles are thick which is good for grip work and wide enough to get both hands in when doing swings. They are a top notch brand solidly built and at a great price. I highly recommend them and would buy from KBUSA again.
Review by stewart lieber / (Posted on 6/18/2018)
24kg Metrixx
Product, timely delivery, and customer service, all 5 stars.
Review by Frank Fotusky / (Posted on 6/18/2018)
I love my kettlebell!!! I will get another 24kg and a 16kg to match!
Review by Mike Bell / (Posted on 6/16/2018)
I ordered this from my FOB. It arrived across the world in about a week and the box was ruined. Weak mail handlers had probably pushed it from place to place. Inside, the packaging had protected the bell and it is still in perfect condition. Great Service, great product. I will be buying the 32KG when I have swung this one into irrelavancy.
Review by Kyle / (Posted on 6/9/2018)
Good KB
I decided it was time to start buying my own KB's, so I went searching online to find prices on some of the more popular brands. Having used the Kettlebells USA brand in class, I knew I could rely on these. What I didn't know was how great the E-Coat KB's are. They feel pretty comfortable in the hands, and the texture of the bell seems to help with the grip. I don't use gloves with KB's, so this is a big deal to me. The shipping is also very reasonable; good luck trying to find that on Amazon or other websites.
Review by Mike / (Posted on 6/9/2018)
24 KG Metrixx
Very high quality product. Very fast shipping and communication from KB USA. Very good price. KB USA is a solid company and I will definately order from them again.
Review by James Joyce / (Posted on 5/28/2018)
Great kettlebell at a good price.
Great kettlebell at a good price. The shape is great. This KB was recommended to me by a professional KB-swinger. Like many reviews, the box was all but annihilated, but the KB was safe inside with no damage. Looking forward to cruising with this thing for a long long time.
Review by Josh Leeger / (Posted on 5/28/2018)
great kb for a great price
just purchased my second metrixx. KB from kettlebell usa. The texture prevents bell from slipping out of hand. Just as good as much more expensive competitors
Review by Michael / (Posted on 5/27/2018)
Metrixx E-Coat Kettlebells
These are great kettlebells. The thick handles and rugged construction are what sold me. They are perfect for outdoors workouts. Kettlebell USA offers great products and customer service at a fair price.
Review by Dave / (Posted on 5/27/2018)
Fast friendly customer service
Fast friendly customer service and great kettlebells. Really happy I took my trainers advice and bought from kettlebellsusa.
Review by dapiscitelli / (Posted on 5/25/2018)
Great kettlebell at a good price.
Great kettlebell at a good price. The shape is great. This KB was recommended to me by a professional KB-swinger. Like many reviews, the box was all but annihilated, but the KB was safe inside with no damage. Looking forward to cruising with this thing for a long long time.
Review by Josh Leeger / (Posted on 5/25/2018)
RKC snatch test
I trained up to my RKC snatch test with this kettlebell and I am glad I did. No seams or chunks of metal on the handles.
Review by RKC / (Posted on 5/23/2018)
Excellent product
Very,fast shipping. Excellent product. Thanks!!
Review by 800awhp / (Posted on 5/23/2018)
Better than anything you'll find on a shelf in some "sporting goods" store.
The casting is smooth and solid with a flat base. The finish is top quality. The price was more than right, with a discount and free shipping, and this is easily better than anything you'll find on a shelf in some "sporting goods" store.
Review by Sam / (Posted on 5/23/2018)
Amazing quality
Amazing quality, perfectly smooth handles and fast shipping.
Review by D. Alvarez / (Posted on 5/23/2018)
Unbelievably superior KB quality
Unbelievably superior KB quality, service and delivery - simply unrivaled!!!
Review by savvyconsultant / (Posted on 5/22/2018)
The best I've used so far!
These are the nicest kettlebells I've owned or used, hands down. The handles are smooth and extremely comfortable, both for single and double hand work, and there are no seams or burrs to be found. The e-coat is beautiful and durable, no chipping whatsoever, and it's extremely kind to your hands. I have powder coated bells from their competitors, there's no comparison with regards to durability or handle smoothness and comfort. These bells are excellent.
Review by MicahK / (Posted on 5/21/2018)
Unequalled Among All Other Kettlebells
This brand of kettlebell is far superior to any others I have purchased. It makes me look at the others I've bought elsewhere with disappointment. I paid almost as much, sometimes more, for the others I've been using. The precision and balance is superb, and the carefully designed quality of the durable coating, which doubles in purpose to provide additional grip, is unsurpassed. I will be swapping my others out for these Metrixx ones as soon as possible. A special mention is deserved for the superior communication, packaging and shipping time of the manufacturer, Kettlebells USA. They match their product in terms of quality. Incredible in this day and age.
Review by nycexp - New York, NY / (Posted on 5/21/2018)
Great product, great price, FAST shipping!
My 2nd purchase,,, PERFECT! Great product, great price, FAST shipping! THANKS
Review by hunter-joseph / (Posted on 3/4/2018)
These bells are bombproof!
Seriously tough kettlebells! These bells are bombproof!
Review by Miroslav Z. - Glendale, CA / (Posted on 1/27/2018)
Excellent product
As a StrongFirst instructor I have always considered Dragon Door kettlebells as the gold standard but the bar has been moved a lot higher with these metrixx elite bells from KBUSA. The improved handle design really makes a difference and the base is dead flat. I will be switching all my bells to metrixx elite's as soon as I can.
Review by StrongFirst instructor - Danbury, CT / (Posted on 1/17/2018)
Fast shipping
Fast shipping arrived ahead of schedule. Great transaction.
Review by 5200mac / (Posted on 12/11/2017)
Great kettlebell.
Great kettlebell and super fast shipping!
Review by Blake Mano - Richmond, VA / (Posted on 9/29/2017)
Quick to ship! Thanks.
Quick to ship! Thanks. Great customer service.
Review by nhanaldinho / (Posted on 9/28/2017)
Excellent quality kettlebell
Excellent quality kettlebell, thanks very much :-)
Review by johnpb1108 / (Posted on 9/28/2017)
A superior kettlebell in ever way
A superior kettlebell in ever way, very fast shipping, deal without reservation
Review by pedersenray / (Posted on 8/8/2017)
Amazing kettlebell
Amazing kettlebell and excellent costumer Servise .
Review by shmuespeckma_0 / (Posted on 8/1/2017)
My second bell from kettlebells usa
My second bell from kettlebells usa. Will be back for the next one too.
Review by insomniacdoze / (Posted on 5/2/2017)
Excellent quality!
As always, excellent quality!
Review by supersaversmall / (Posted on 4/7/2017)
Great KB's!
Great KB's. smooth transaction and quick shipping!
Review by deut66 / (Posted on 2/25/2017)
F ing good
Dragon Door was 160.00 with delivery, my 24 Kg from your company is better and a hell of a lot more affordable....enough of the RKC cult
Review by Chuck H - chicago,IL / (Posted on 2/10/2017)
Kettlebell USA bells are better; great in fact!
All, I just wanted to let Kettlebell USA and anyone who is interested in buying a kettlebell that this is THE PLACE to shop. I have other bells from a well-known competitor and these bells are good. However, Kettlebell USA bells are better; great in fact! The E-Coating is the "secret sauce" for making the form, fit and function superior to other bells that I've purchased. Thanks for making such a great product and your customer service and shipping time were both excellent! I'll purchase again and have recommended you to the few people I know who walk the path of kettlebell training. Thanks again! Scott
Review by Scott / (Posted on 11/15/2016)
What a beautiful bell!
What a beautiful bell! Great finish,no rough edges. Craftmanship Great pricing
Review by jbickert / (Posted on 10/23/2016)
I bought a pair of the 24k elites and I am thrilled. Quality is great, feel is great, handle is great. I recommend these to anyone!
Review by Eric / (Posted on 8/20/2016)
Superb Craftsmanship
Purchased the 16 KG & 24 KG in a package deal with shipping include. These two complement my initial purchase of two lighter USA Kettlebells. The finish on these KBs is like none other that I have experienced: smooth yet able to hold a confident, controlling grip. An excellent product.
Review by Ed McIntyre / (Posted on 8/20/2016)
Very,fast shipping
Very,fast shipping. Excellent product. Thanks!!
Review by 800awhp / (Posted on 7/25/2016)
The BEST!!
Metrixx Elite are the best KB for the price
Review by roneb219 / (Posted on 7/4/2016)
Awesome bell!
Awesome bell, great price, and great service. Thanks!!
Review by Gregori / (Posted on 3/23/2016)
Wow!! Super-fast shipping!!! Thanks very much!
Review by TJ / (Posted on 3/23/2016)
THE kettelebell source
good price, great product, outstanding shipping times - THE kettlebell source
Review by Brian / (Posted on 3/23/2016)
Great quality
Great quality, item arrived much faster than expected. Would buy again!
Review by D. Brumfield / (Posted on 3/23/2016)
Just what I was looking for.
I was looking for a kettlebell that would last through the football season and beyond and this Metrixx ecoat has held up through the season. The coating is very nice and not at all like the other brands I have tried that I had to grind down some metal burrs on the handle before I could swing it. Perfect!
Review by High School Football Coach / (Posted on 3/13/2016)

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