SET™ Fitness Battle Rope with Knurled Steel Handles - Nylon Cased
SET™ Fitness Battle Rope with Knurled Steel Handles - Nylon Cased

SET™ Fitness Battle Rope with Knurled Steel Handles - Nylon Cased

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1.5” X 50 ft Polypropylene Battle Core Rope

Protective Webbing Sheath

Anti-Fray Knurled Steel Handles for a Rock Solid Grip

Battle Ropes are great for grip strength, stamina, core strength, Crossfit,®, MMA, military and general physical conditioning. Combine with kettlebells for a killer cardio workout to sculpt your entire body performing waves, jacks, throws and pulls. This heavy duty battle rope from SET™ Fitness is made with heavy duty, tightly braided, Poly Dacron material with a protective nylon webbing jacket that covers the entire rope. SET™ ropes are wear resistant and extremely durable. The knurled steel ends provide a rock solid grip so you can really tear up your workout.

A jacketed battle rope is designed to better withstand rigorous training by adding a protective nylon webbing cover over the braided rope. This webbing sheath reduces shedding and fraying that can occur with non-jacketed ropes from repeated slams against hard or rough surfaces. Ropes with a protective jacket experience less wear from bending in the middle of the rope when looped through a wall mounted bracket or around other anchor point.


  • Heavy duty rope that won’t fray
  • Develops core strength
  • Easy to tie up
  • Long, comfortable, knurled steel handles
  • Premium steel handles for improved grip and durability
  • Diameter: 1.5 inches
  • Length: 50 feet
  • Rope material: Poly Dacron
  • Red nylon sleeve prevents fraying
  • Weight: 35 lbs
  • Color: Red

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The Best

The knurled handles are smooth and allow great grip and control. The cover on the rope will definitely ensure longevity. I looked at dozens of different brands and am glad I landed on these.