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Classic Kettlebell Photo's

Old Russian Kettlebells | Antique GiryaRussian Kettlebell Stamp | Kettlebells USA®



Many Famous Old School Strongmen Lifted Kettlebells

Old Kettlebell Lifters Group | www.kettlebellsusa.com

Old Kettlebell Lifters Group

Sig Klein | www.kettlebellsusa.com

Sig Klein


Kettlebell Iron Cross | www.kettlebellsusa.com

Unknown Strongman performing Iron Cross with

"Ring Weights."

Arthur Saxon Kettlebells | www.kettlebellsusa.com

Arthur Saxon

Old Finn lifting kettlebells | www.kettlebellsusa.com

Old Finn Lifting Kettlebells


Eugene Sandow | www.kettlebellsusa.com

Eugene Sandow: Ripped!

Lionel Strongfort Lifting Kettlebells | www.kettlebellsusa.com


Lionel Strongfort Posing for the Sculpture "The Athlete."