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Regulation Steel Competition Kettlebells - 33mm handle

 33mm Handle Diameter Paradigm Pro® Elite Inner Core Technology™ Steel Competition Kettlebells - Free Shipping - Kettlebells USA® - Engineering The World's Best Kettlebells

The Kettlebell Community talked and we listened! Our highly aclaimed Paradigm Pro® Elite Inner Core Technology™ Competition Kettlebells are now available in 33mm handle diameter!

Paradigm Pro® Elite Precision Competition Sport Kettlebell 33mm handle diameter by Kettlebells USA® - The Original and Finest " Hollow Core" Competition Sport Kettlebell

Paradigm Pro® Elite Precision Steel Competition Sport Kettlebells - The Original & Finest "No Filler Competition Kettlebell"

The finest, most precise, Pro Grade, Steel Competition Kettlebells on the market. Kettlebells USA® has revolutionized the design and manufacturing of competition kettlebells with the Paradigm Pro® Elite Sport Series. Inner Core Technology™ is the most revolutionary and advanced competition kettlebell design on the market utilizing the most advanced metal casting techniques available. 33 mm handle diameter for less grip fatigue and more reps. Window opening has been engineered to allow for quick and easy hand insertion and is not too big or too small like other sport kettlebell designs currently on the market.

Paradigm Pro® Elite Precision Competition Sport Kettlebells by Kettlebells USA® Available in 33mm and 35mm handle diameter - Engineering The World's Best Kettlebells - Free Shipping - AKA, GSU, IUKL Approved


  • Manufactured under strict ISO 9001 quality control with the most advanced metal casting techniques available
  • Hollow core kettlebell with no filler. Exclusive Inner Core Technology™ (ICT™) means no fillers, welded bases & no rattle from loose filler
  • Single cast using gravity die cast technology - no seams, casting burrs or weak spots
  • Each kettlebell is made to the highest tolerances
  • Meets all Kettlebell Sport Competition Standards including Girevoy Sport Union (GSU), AKA (American Kettlebell Alliance), International Union of Kettlebell Lifting (IUKL) & IKFF (International Kettlebell & Fitness Federation) competition standards
  • Official Kettlebell of The Ice Chamber Kettlebell Girls Team - the most medalled kettlebell sport team in the western hemisphere!
  • Regulation 33 mm handle diameter designed for use with or without chalk
  • Handles are uncoated, bare metal so need for paint stripping
  • Improved handle geometry for higher reps
  • High tensile strength steel used throughout the entire kettlebell ***6 kg is made of high tensile strength Aluminum alloy***
  • Regulation colors

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