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Free Shipping on all Kettlebells to the lower 48 states!

Free Shipping on all Kettlebells -  Kettlebells USA®

Kettlebells USA® Engineers The World's Finest Cast Iron E-Coat Kettlebell and Steel Competition Kettlebells - ISO 9001 Quality - Free Shipping - Discount KettlebellsThe Highest Quality Steel Competition Sport & E-Coat Cast Iron Kettlebells Direct From the Manufacturer

Used by thousands of kettlebell instructors, fitness buffs, Crossfit® enthusiasts, gyms and military operators worldwide. We have perfected the texture & thickness of our handles, the flatness of our bases and the overall balance & feel of our kettlebells.

Kettlebells USA® is the preferred brand of choice for MLB, NHL, NBA and NFL trainers and players.

We use the Gravity Die Casting Process for more consistent quality. We use the most modern casting methods and high tech moulds in the manufacture of our kettlebells.

  • All our kettlebells are single cast using advanced gravity die casting technology under ISO 9001 Quality Control.
  • There are no welds, seams, burrs or weak spots on our handles
  • Any kettlebells that have casting defects are discarded
  • Kettlebell handle thickness and shape are smooth & optimized
  • Small sizes have round, not tri-angular handles like many of our competitors
  • Machined flat bases
  • Used by all branches of the US Armed Forces & Security Services in every theater of operation
  • Pioneers in the design and manufacture of quality kettlebells for over 10 years

Confused over what size kettlebell to buy? Click here for Guidelines on Choosing The Best Kettlebell Starter Weight.

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