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5-5-5 Fitness Firefighter Fitness Grants

5-5-5 Fitness is rogue. We are pirates, we are motivated, and we mean to create change. As Firefighters, EMT's and Paramedics we are also “helpers”. When someone has a problem, they call us, we show up on a big truck and fix the problem. Whatever it may be. Our fixes aren’t always permanent, or perfect, they don’t always go the way we would want them too, however we always try to make a situation better before we leave. So what about when there is a problem from within, a problem no one really wants to make an attempt to fix. A problem you can’t dial 911 to fix, or make rules or standards to fix, or make reflective to fix. Who fixes that? The answer is simple, motivated firefighters with a passion for Family, for Firefighting and for Fitness. That’s how 555 Fitness was born.

5-5-5 Fitness Firefighter Grants - John Parker

What started as a small Facebook page, putting our free work outs 6 days a week, has morphed into an national recognized Not For Profit Organization with international reach. As our Facebook community grew, we realized that we could do so much more. Without an formal schooling or training, the motivated firefighters behind 555 Fitness have given away over $20,000 in functional fitness equipment nationwide, and provided free workouts on multiple platforms each day, for over 2 years. We have been able to accomplish our goals thru the success of our apparel brand and the generous donations from this who support our mission, to reduce Line Of Duty Deaths attributed to cardiac related events. Most people don’t even know that cardiac related events are the leading killer of firefighters annually. However we do. The fire service knows, yet will not take any proactive steps to remedy that number. Of course there are programs, and classes and studies, but nothing that finally says enough is enough. That’s where 555 Fitness comes in. We have united a community of firefighters who share our passions and believe in our mission. They also believe in living our slogan’s lifestyle, Train Hard Do Work. That’s the thing, this change isn’t going to come from a book, or a class, or a study. It’s going to come from hard work. Hard work in the gym, hard work in the firehouse and hard work at home. That lifestyle produces healthy individuals, healthy firefighters and healthy teams. Please take a minute are read the success stories we have received. These messages are what keep us pushing so hard. Hearing that someone is off their high blood pressure meds, or has dropped weight, or more importantly, preformed better then ever not the fire ground. We don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. As long as our followers support us and this movement continues to grow, we will always be here. Sailing our pirate flag for change as high as we can, and with as much pride as we can. We are dedicated to creating this change, will you join on us on our journey?