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Paradigm Pro® Classic & Paradigm Pro® Elite Precision Steel Competition Kettlebells

Brandon Hofer's Review of a Rogue® Fitness Competition Kettlebell and a Paradigm Pro® Elite Precision Competition Kettlebell

The Paradigm Pro® Steel Competition Kettlebell Series is The Choice of Champions for kettlebell sport athletes & fitness enthusiasts alike. Kettlebells USA® has been designing and manufacturing quality kettlebells for over ten years. Paradigm Pro® kettlebells are the finest competition kettlebells on the market and come in two types, Classic & Elite Precision. Competition style kettlebells are sometmes called "Pro Grade" kettlebells. They have a uniform size and shape regardless of weight and a mucher wider base than cast iron kettlebells.

Paradigm Pro® Classic kettlebells have a 33mm handle diameter and Paradigm Pro® Elite have a 35mm handle diameter. Paradigm Pro® Elite Precision kettlebells are the Official Kettlebell of The International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation (IKFF) and world renowned kettlebell instructor Steve Cotter. For a detailed explanation of the difference between the two types please click here.


  • Gravity Die Cast using single cast, single use, sand-polymer molds for extreme precision
  • No welded handles
  • No seams, burrs, welds, weak spots or casting defects
  • Engineered by the company that pioneered low cost, high quality competition kettlebells
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001 Quality Control
  • Machined flat bases
  • Free shipping on all kettlebells



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