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As a gym owner and a Kettlebell competitor I have purchased and used many different kettlebells. Kettlebell USA’s Paradigm Pro Elite Competition Kettlebells are simply the best kettlebells on the market. There is no reason to go anywhere else.

Dan Hunter
Owner-CrossFit Lily/
IKFF CKT/Kettlebell Competitor

I had the pleasure of trying out the new Paradigm Pro Elite Competition Kettlebells from Kettlebells USA at IKFF Worlds. As a lifter, it's always a bit worrisome to be introduced to a new style of kettlebell on competition day - but my concerns quickly disappeared as I began my warm-up. These bells are extremely comfortable - the Inner Core Technology places more of the weight towards the handles, improving both rack and overhead positions. I'd highly recommend these bells to anyone looking to step up their kettle-collection!


Chris Doenlen
Master of Sport
Team USA Member

Kettlebells USA makes a great quality Kettlebell. The handle on the Kettlebell has the ideal size window allowing for better insertion, and I like the hollow design they created eliminating the rattling effect of weights inside the Kettlebell.

Rock Cox
Owner – RockFit
Winner of Two Man Relay Team at IKFF Worlds

I have to say that the over all feel of the Paradigm Pro was great. With the first time using one in competition I actually had a personal record with the 5 minute sprint Snatch. I used the 32 kg bell and had a pretty balanced mix of 40 and 44 reps. I was surprised at how light and efficient the snatch felt with the bell. Handle was the perfect size for my hand and the bell felt really comfortable during the hand insertion. No pressure points. overall a great quality competition kettlebell and im looking to get several more for Swing This Kettlebell and Strength


Joe Daniels

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