About Kettlebells USA®

Kettlebells USA® : The Brand

Kettlebells USA® Kettlebells

We have the largest selection of quality kettlebells in the USA.

"The Kettlebell of Choice"

Kettlebells Usa® does one thing and one thing well : we design and manufacture the highest quality kettlebells available.

Over the years our brand and "Kettlebell of Choice" has garnered the attention of the toughest, discriminating kettlebell lifters, fitness enthusiasts, kettlebell instructors, pro sports teams, and more.

Kettleblls USA® : The Difference

"The Choice of Champions"

Kettlebells USA® has the rightful claim to many "firsts" in the kettlebell industry. Having pioneered a plethora of manufacturing innovations for crafting precision kettlebells, top-quality demands adhering to strict quality control standards (ISO 9001) and utilizing state-of-the-art, gravity die-casting.

As the first company to implement advanced, automotive-parts manufacturing to our kettlebells, we designed and manufactured the very first of it's kind and "The Choice of Champions." This hollow, "no filler" competition kettlebell launched in the North American market in July 2014, ushering in our highly-acclaimed Paradigm Pro® Elite Precision Steel Competition Kettlebell line.

Kettlebells USA® : The Dedication

As the top kettlebell brand, we take our customers needs seriously and strive for continual improvement and innovation.