Kettlebells USA® Military, LEO, and EMS Discount

Discounts for Armed Forces Personnel, Law Enforcement, Security Services, Fire & EMS

At Kettlebells USA®, we take pride in our product, and in our country. That's why we'd like to offer a discount to those of you who put your lives on the line daily. We'll offer you a 5% discount as our thanks for your service.

Discount Application Requirements

Understandably so, we scour each application to verify identity and qualification. To qualify for the Kettlebells USA® Service Discount you must :

  • Be an active or veteran member of the U.S. military branch
  • Be an active, federal law enforcement officer/agent
  • Be an active firefighter
  • Be an active officer/agent of an U.S. Emergency Agency.
  • Be an active/practicing medical professional, or an EMT in the U.S.

Discount Application Identification

To apply for the Kettlebells USA® Service Discount, you must provide a form of identification. While we understand, that in many instances, it is illegal for some soldiers/officers/agents to submit a photo of their government IDs, we will accept the following forms of identification :

  • An official I.D. if permissible
  • A picture of an official/issued uniform - if it displays the applicant's name
  • A Military Discharge document
  • A military LES - can redact sensitive info
  • A current pay stub/invoice - must clearly list branch or service department.
  • A badge - if it displays the applicants name
  • Your application will automatically be declined if none of the aforementioned has been submitted.

Kettlebells USA® - Supporting United States Armed Forces Since 2005

When approved, you'll receive an email notifying of acceptance and supplying you with a discount code. If you do not have an account with the Kettlebells USA® website, you will also receive a separate email inviting you to setup a customer account. In order to use your discount, simply log into your Kettlebells USA® account, shop as usual, and use your discount code at checkout!

Conditions & Additional Info

Please Note :

  • The discount code will be registered with the email account that you sign up with. Please make sure to use this account when checking out.
  • This discount can not be combined with any other promotional discounts or tiered pricing.
  • Some sale items may be at or below the discounted rate, however, the system will automatically select the lowest price.
  • Shipping is not discounted.
  • Each application is manually reviewed and processed. Please allow 1-3 business days before approval

We are experiencing a higher volume of applications at this time. Please allow 3-5 business days before approval.