Why Train with Kettlebells

Why Train with Kettlebells?

What are the unique benefits of kettlebells for strengthening, muscle toning, cardio vascular fitness and athletic development?

If you’re just starting out working with kettlebells you might be asking yourself “So what’s so special about kettlebells?” With all the available options for increasing fitness why would you want to spend your time and effort with kettlebells? Let me highlight some of the unique benefits of kettlebells so you can make an informed decision ask to why kettlebells may be the perfect choice for helping you to accomplish all your fitness goals.

First they’re practical. Kettlebells don’t require a lot of time, space or other considerations. The kettlebell is an all in one handheld gym. They’re also versatile. You can use them for improving strength, aerobic conditioning, mobility or just a general fitness or athletic training program. The unique shape of the kettlebell enables you to make almost any exercise easier or harder depending on how you hold the kettlebell. The handle makes it easier to carry or to bring in to the car so that you can always get a quick workout in whether you’re at home, in the office, at the beach, or even on travel. You can carry, swing, hold, pass, juggle, throw, push pull and drag your kettlebell. Kettlebells are inexpensive. Compared to the cost that it would normally take to outfit an entire gym, investing in kettle on bells is literally pennies on the dollar. Just a few kettlebells gives you an entire fitness program with an unlimited range of exercise options. For less than $500.00 you can outfit your entire home gym and because they are made from steel your kettlebells will last forever, you’ll never have to replace them. They’re an efficient use of your time. In less than 30 minutes you can get a full body workout that addresses strengthening, muscle toning, cardio vascular fitness and athletic development all at the same time. You won’t find anything else that gives you as much “bang for your buck” as kettlebell training.

Kettlebells are very space friendly too. To exercise with kettlebells you only need about a square meter, or 3 squared feet, just enough room to stand in which means you can do it at home, in the office, outside or anywhere that lets you stand up and gives only a few feet of space around you. Kettlebells are unique. Nothing else has their shape and no other tool can be manipulated so easily to change its difficulty level. Kettlebell training is also fun, engaging your mind at the same time as your entire body. Kettlebell training is athletic because it requires you to move your entire body in a harmonious fashion with the grace and flow of an athlete. The training has you focusing on movement patterns and not just on individual muscles. The end result is that your body will perform better in all planes of movement, in all ranges of movement and these benefits directly transfer into your ability to use your body more effectively. Finally, kettlebells are durable, made from either iron or steel, they are built to last and require very little maintenance. You don’t have to worry about changing parts or oiling them or hassling with cables, pins, motors or other moving parts.